why only a good web design is not enough to attract visitors

When it comes to business website development, the design is one of the things that most businesses stress on. Their website needs to be visually attractive to impress visitors and increase sales and revenue through the website. True design plays a pivotal role in the success of a website but this isn’t enough to establish a brand in today’s world. There are a host of other factors that are important in the success of a website and help to turn it into your most potent marketing tool.

A perfect synergy of all these factors is a must for success. In this article, we shall look at some of these factors which complement the good design and which you cannot afford to ignore.


Imagine what comes to your mind when you think of brands like Nike, Apple, and IBM. It’s definitely the logo as it helps them grab immediate attention from the customers. No wonder businesses around the world spend huge time and effort getting the perfect logo. In fact, the logo is held so sacredly that a change in the logo defines a paradigm shift in the way how a business runs. On a business website, along with good design, the logo is the key factor. It is important that the logo reflects the core values of your business. The logo of organizations such as UNICEF or Boeing describes the mission of the organization.

The logo should find a prominent place on your website as customers can immediately recognize it. Most businesses thus have the logo on the upper part of the webpage where the eyeball falls immediately after the page renders on the web browsers. Its color scheme, text elements should immediately reflect upon your business, products, and services. Your logo should look equally good both in 2D as well as 3D mode. Avoid over-designing the logo as it should blend seamlessly with the design and structure of the website.


Your website is the best place to announce the value of your business and you should make it a one-stop solution for anyone looking to know more about your business. In this regard the ‘About Us’ and the ‘Contact Us’ page play a very vital role. The About Us page should give a brief background of your company like its USPs, management and the kind of business you have been associated with. Many businesses tend to ignore the Contact Us page and leave behind a simple form to be filled by the visitors. This isn’t an ideal thing to do as mentioning phone numbers and a physical address makes your brand look more professional.

Apart from this, you should also offer detailed information on the products and services that you offer on your website. This allows the customers to make a comprehensive research on your products and services and compare them with others available in the market. If you are offering better products and services than others you should clearly mention that on your website.


In the case of small businesses and startups, it is highly unlikely that people know you by your brand name. In such cases, you would have to rely on the search engines for the bulk of your traffic. Search engine optimization thus plays a vital factor in your website’s success and brings targeted traffic to the website. Right at the concept phase of your website you need to think about optimizing in for the search engines. You need to carry out detailed research on the keywords, your target audience, and your competition. The coding on the website needs to be clean and pass W3C validation to attract search engine crawlers and rank high on the search engine results pages. Apart from this you also need to post articles and press releases in submission sites to get backlinks which helps in attracting quality traffic to your website.


Social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and MySpace have become great sources to get traffic to your website. Along with the good design, you should try and cash on the popularity of such websites. Internet users spend hours on these websites and share their interests which helps you target potential customers accordingly. What makes them special is the fact that your posts spread virally on such networks which help you attract traffic to the website. Try finding groups and communities which compromise of your target audience and post about your products and services there. You will see highly targeted traffic coming to your website.

Thus you can clearly see a logo, information, search engine optimization, and social media marketing play a key role in attracting traffic to your website along with good design. You need to hire the services of a web development company that offers you all these services apart from high-quality design. They should have expertise in custom development of a website based on the exact needs of your business. You also get high-quality support and maintenance services when you hire a professional website design company for your business web design.